Retail Storefront Doors

No matter what type of business you run, you want to feel safe and secure and have a competitive edge at the entrance to your building. We outfit all types of businesses and help improve their structural integrity, physical appearance, and functionality just with a new storefront installation or service. 

What Is a Commercial Storefront Door?

Commercial doors occupy the front entrance to any retail establishment. When properly outfitted, they are functional (to facilitate safety requirements and heavy foot traffic) and aesthetically pleasing (they keep front entrances attractive).

How Wide Are Storefront Doors? 

sliding doors for retail applicationStorefront, commercial door sizes vary based on the type of door. For example, revolving storefront doors typically range anywhere from 6 to 16 feet  in diameter. Doors with diameters fewer than nine feet are typically reserved for security and controlled access applications. Doors more than 10 feet in diameter,  can serve places like airports where there is very heavy foot traffic.

What Makes an Ideal Storefront Entrance Door? 

Usually made of metal or steel, these doors entice customers to enter your establishment. Therefore, they should be aesthetically pleasing, maximally functional (whether automatic or revolving), and have enough design edge to make your business feel compelling just by looking at its entrance.

Types of Storefront Doors

Storefront doors are chosen by taking several factors into account. Some of them are location, average foot traffic, safety, type of business and associated costs. Making a decision on what door will work best for your facility is a big decision. The doors should be aesthetically pleasing, maximally functional and have enough design edge to make your business feel compelling just by looking at its entrance. 

There are a few different storefront doors that can serve different purposes. 

Sliding Doors

A retail store that is bound to see heavy traffic will benefit most from an automatic sliding door. The automatic sliding doors are typically glass doors which also allow customers to see the interior of your store before even entering. Seeing what is inside the store can motivate shoppers to come in and take a closer look.

Sliding doors are the perfect solution for storefronts that want quick and easy access. Sliding doors reduce wait times at the store, which means higher customer satisfaction. They can be installed on both the inside and outside of a storefront, allowing customers to quickly enter and exit without having to manually open a door.

Large offices may also opt for an automatic sliding glass door, not only to make entry and exit easier, but to let natural light through at the same time.

Swing Doors

Swing doors are one of the most popular types of automatic doors for retail applications. They are typically used to provide access control and detect unauthorized entry, as well as streamline traffic flow in and out of a store or building.

Automatic swing doors can be fitted with sensors that detect movement or body heat and open when triggered. These sensors allow passageways to remain open while customers move through them but close quickly once they have passed, increasing safety and security. In addition, some models are equipped with an emergency “break-away” feature that allows for a much larger opening for foot traffic,  in case of fire or other emergency.

Furthermore, these types of doors can be programmed with different speeds depending on customer needs and offer the added benefit of low energy consumption due to their efficient motors and small  power consumption. With great design flexibility, it’s easy to see why automatic swing doors for retail applications are increasingly popular!

Revolving Doors

Revolving doors are ideal for high-traffic retail applications. They’re designed to provide customers with an effortless and safe entrance and exit experience by revolving in one direction. Since they are see-through, you can see who is entering and exiting the building at all times, which is a nice safety feature.front entrance of a store with an elegant revolving door

Unlike sliding doors or other types of automatic entrance systems, revolving doors provide better weather control, reduce energy loss from drafts or climate change through the storefront and eliminate the possibility of the door being blocked open by a breeze. Revolving doors provide bi-directional operation for both entry and exit into your facility. They can also offer significant cost savings by minimizing air conditioning and heat loss. Compared to swing doors, revolving doors reduce over 500% of unwanted air from infiltrating the inside of a building. 

Revolving doors are also preferred over sliding abilities because they significantly reduce street noise and don’t require extra space for their operation. 

If you’re looking for an efficient door system for your retail business that provides both convenience and aesthetics then revolving doors are an excellent option to consider!

Are Storefront Doors ADA Compliant?

As these doors are the front and main entry points to your business, they must be ADA Compliant for accessibility. 

If your business uses a revolving door, you’ll need another entrance, according to the ADA Compliance laws: “Revolving doors or turnstiles shall not be the only means of passage at an accessible entrance or along an accessible route. An accessible gate or door shall be provided adjacent to the turnstile or revolving door and shall be so designed as to facilitate the same use pattern.”

Automatic sliding doors also have width stipulations. The clear width of the doors, measured from the face of the automatic sliding door to the doorstop, must be a minimum of 32 inches. 

Swing doors must also meet minimum width requirements for accessibility.

What Users Want in Storefront Entry Systems

Users want aesthetically-pleasing designs, easy entry and exit, and a window into the essence of your business and what it sells. Most businesses concerned with these central factors are successful because they care about the entirety of the customers’ sensory and perceptual experiences. They want a tactile connection to your products, so help them make that come alive with an attractive storefront!

Need Help Finding the Right Door Solution? 

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